Making Things Happen

What do you want?

Working out what you want is the hardest step. Once you know what you what and decide to go out and get it. The answer will appear before you. Yu may ignore the answer because it is not the one you wanted, but it will come. Be open to it.

You see we have preconceived notions about the future. What we want, what we expect. These are really just ideas that bounce up from our ego. They come from dissatisfaction. Modern culture encourages us to want, to need, to be greedy. We are never satisfied. Something is in fashion until the the next thing replaces it. And we just have to have it. Car, watch, jewelry, clothes. What is your pleasure and what is your poison?

Shut down your mind and peace will come to you effortlessly. You future will appear before your eyes and it may not be what you expected but you will be happy.

At night before you go to sleep at night, focus on your breath. Just try and be aware of your breath. Take notice of the space between breathing in and breathing out. That little moment is the peaceful moment you seek. Your present is in that moment. That moment can take you anywhere.

But you have to trust it.

We try so hard to be in control of everything and often everyone. Because this is impossible we lose confidence and get lost in the struggle. We rely too much on our ego.

Whatever doing throughout your day, practice living in the present moment. If you find your mind wandering, bring it back to where you bare. Use your senses to help you.

Spend your week practicing being good to yourself. Think about what that means.

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