The River Wild

Are you floating down the river that is your life or are you drowning? Some will say, it depends what day. It certainly does. Some of us, even little ones, have bad days. But how badly do they affect you?

Productivity is one thing that goes out the window when I am troubled. I am learning to turn the times when I am troubled into a growth experience. I turn lemons into lemonade, so to speak.

But it wasn’t always that way.

I used to bottle in my feelings, right them off, disregard my inner voice. ” He didn’t mean to hurt my feelings”. ” She wasn’t really insulting me because she is really nice”. Sound familiar?

Bollocks to that!

We should never take someone’s offhand but offensive remarks seriously but if they hurt, explore that pain and make it a learning experience. Why is what someone said or did bother you so much? What they communicate and how they communicate it is a reflection on them, not on you.

Your reaction is a reflection of you and it is all that really matters to you.

So next time something or someone disturbs your life, your peace ask yourself what you can learn from your reaction.

Or may be you have little peace in your life. Think about how you can bring more peace into your life. When someone says something, decide if you are going to accept or reject it inside. Make the right choices, the ones that sit well in your stomach. If it is a bad decision you will have to force it down into your stomach, the energy is moving in a downward direction. Don’t ignore that feeling, explore it and see how your perspective begins to change.

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