No More Pills to Swallow

How many decisions are forced down your throat? You know, the ones you feel powerless to say no to or a situation that you don’t know how to get out of? Let me tell you right now. These are the good ones. You know you dont like it and you are justifying it in your head. It is a conscious choice somewhere.

Then there are the other decisions that you are not really aware you are making. You go ‘with the flow”  or so you think.

Have you ever ended up in a  situation and asked yourself how did you get there? That, my friend is the result of not paying attention to your inner voice AND your body. We all know what it is like to dismiss our little voice in our head but consider your body. We ignore the symptoms all the time without thinking twice.

Drinking, smoking, crappy food that damages our body. Most of us are so past listening to our bodies that we don’t even here them anymore. But I want to bring your attention to how your body is reacting in all situations, including the wonderful ones. But especially the emotional ones.

I touched on this in yesterday’s post. When we force a decision down, it is a wrong decision. Flip side: When an idea or thought comes up through our body we should not ignore it. But we don’t. We have an idea for a business but we never make a move. We see someone we want to get to know but we stay away.

How long have you lived worrying about what other people think, or even worse by what other people think is right?

No more bitter little pills for us. Time to cut the crap and respectfully take what we need ( and a little of what we want:)


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