My Fair Lady

So, are you really waiting for someone to through down their coat so you can step over a puddle?
You better believe it! Father Christmas does lives in the North Pole and the Easter Bunny comes next month.

What’s the problem?

There is no problem. Just make sure that you decide what you want and don’t settle for less.

No more lies. When you stop lying to yourself, you start to recognize the lies being told around you. And a lot of people are telling lies.

In their mind they’re justifying their projections and desires about the future. It is a misunderstanding of what “fake it till you make it” means.
Faking it means you are faking the winning attitude of someone who has already attained the things they desire (even though you want to pee in your pants because you are so scared of your potential) AND despite the fact that you are not quite there yet.

Lying is when you talk crap about where you are at and where you are going ( i.e. nowhere) when you don’t have the winning attitude or when you are trying to convince yourself of something by convincing others. People smell it a mile away and they will not trust you.

Actually, the only people who will trust you are the ones that are buying in to your story because it is the same as their’s, a lie they are trying to force themselves to believe.

You don’t need to tell everyone everything. You need to believe in yourself and believe you can and must achieve your goals.

Trying is not good enough. Go and live your potential because you can.

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