Waiting To Exhale

We wait and we wait for things to change and they don’t. We think we are doing things the right way but it is not working.

What’s the problem? Where is the problem?

The problem is with us and our attitude. We focus on the problems with our lives and our relationships. Instead of going after what we want.

I bring this up over and over again. What do you want from your life? What do you want from your Wanker and does he know it. Does your Wanker know what he wants?

Make some notes. Make a list. Write down what you think you want and then hack it to pieces to you decide on one thing that you want more than anything else. Then go for it.

Once you have committed to one goal, it becomes easy to stack another goal on top of another goal. And once you have gone through the process of elimination with your goals, you will lose a few, keep a few and add a few.

This, my friends and fiends, is what I call spring cleaning.

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