Have you ever felt tears of despair? That life was out of your control and you just couldn’t work out what you were doing?

Well guess what? It is time to make some decisions and STICK to them!

Yes YOU!

At some point, if you feel disgusted with yourself them you’re on the right track. If you are asking yourself, when did you become so spineless? Then follow through with that thought.

Deep down you know you are a smart, intelligent women who is very capable, capable of everything so why is there so much fear?

Is it fear or exhaustion?

If you stuck in a rut with a wanker holding you back them I understand the exhaustion. But fear?Life will start moving again once you start moving.

There are no easy answers!

Here is a great but simple example. You are married to a wanker who loves tennis but goes out of his way to make you feel like a failure at tennis by hitting the ball too hard for you to return, not showing you any moves or how to hold the racket so you switch off. (Meanwhile he is shagging his doubles partner.)

You are over tennis but you are expected to watch it with passion. Rebel inside says, great weather outside, why not go and sit on the patio instead of watching tennis.

Simple? Nope!

Now the wanker has to go out to see a movie that you have no interest in because you won’t sit next to him and hold his hand.

Who wins?

You do! A nice quite evening at home by yourself. Does it matter what he is doing or do you feel you might miss out on something because if you feel you might miss something then you have issues that you might want to spend the evening exploring.

Enjoy your own company again and learn to be alone again.

Really you are never really alone as the whole universe is interconnected. Take comfort in that small fact of life.

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