Have You Seen The Light

When people talk of near death experiences, they often talk about the light.
Stay away from the light…..


You have a light inside you that should be burning brightly.

Is you light being blocked because of frustration?

Is you light smoldering because of resentment?

Emotions can be the death of us. I truly believe that we cause disease in our own bodies by holding back our emotions. We don’t live through them and then they destroy us.

Think of a beautiful light inside you heart and how it is lighting up your body, a room, a house, a football stadium, whatever works for you.

That light is what exists no matter what. Sometimes it seems that it isn’t there but it is just hiding. Waiting to come out like a butterfly from it’s cocoon.

Butterfly was an interesting choice. If anyone saw The Hunger Games, there is a butterfly theme and if anyone knows anything about hospice, then seeing butterflies signify the death of a soul. Think of it, if someone you love dies and then you see a butterfly, if you believe in signs then it is a sign from them that everything is okay.

Speaking of signs, when my great Aunt Margaret died, her sister dreamed of a cows happily chewing grass in a field and she felt at peace for her sister. OMG, when my Nana died , I dreamed of cows too. Freaky!

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