Do Not Engage!

So often we get upset or angry because of other people’s actions. We react. Unfortunately when we react we are actually accepting the other persons issues and problems and taking ownership of them.

You know what that makes us? It makes us slaves not only our emotions but also the emotions of others. So next time you begin to react to someone else’s behavior and take it personally, think again.

Who is control of your emotions? You or someone else? Are you going to allow yourself to be at the mercy of others?

Look at it this way. You can’t control others. Hell, it is hard enough to control yourself. Sometimes we lose control, by that I mean we lose our temper. Why do we let ourselves react in a way that harms us. We make a choice to be a victim. When you look it at that way, how can you not want to make changes?

People do things because of who they are, not because of who we are. And if they get the best of you, ask yourself what was triggered and what you can learn from your reaction to their behavior.

There is a gift somewhere in it all.

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