Jones Bridget

She was an all time classic. Every girl can relate to her yet wouldn’t it be nice if we could end up with Mark Darcy too. Infortunalety we usually find a Hugh Grant and keep on putting up with his wanker nonsense.

Why is it that we like bad boys? It’s not really that exciting. It’s just drama. I think we get addicted to drama because it makes us feel special. It gives our minds something to occupy time with, instead of us living in the moment.

Our minds trap us with drama. And we love it, no matter how much it makes us suffer.

Oh yes we do!

If we didn’t we would all be doing yoga and meditating regularly. Instead we find it too hard or too boring so we run around like headless chickens, driving up our blood pressure and complaining about everything wrong with our lives.

Lately, I have taken time just to breathe and enjoy a moment to myself. But I have to be careful or the moments become lazy days and that is not good either.

Finding a balance takes practice and usually you have to swing from one extreme to the other to know what balance really means. Often we naturally swing from one side to the other without realizing it. But the advantage is that we can use these extremes to try and find the middle ground.

This works in every aspect of our life and every aspect of our personality.

If you are capable of great anger, then you are capable of great joy. But both are extremes. If you experience great joy, you will have to come back down off cloud nine eventually.

Anger is more interesting. We always recognize where we get our joy. Most people will admit that their anger comes out of nowhere and is often a surprise, even as it is happening. Where does anger come from? I am guessing that it comes from the same place that every emotion comes from. At the end of the day all our emotions come from reactions, which come from our ego and it’s sense of who we are and what we believe in.

So look at the wanker you are attracted to and ask yourself where the attraction lies and really is it sustainable and worth the effort. What are your standards? What are you willing to compromise on because let’s face it, no partner is a perfect fit.

You may have to do some exploration to find answers but if you can be honest with yourself, the answers will appear.

Bonne chance!

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