Timing Is Everything

There are moments that change everything.

There are moments that set the stage for everything to change.

But you will never see change unless it starts within.

A bit on the corny side but think about it.

Whoever said if you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results.

Hands up if it is true for you!

So where does change start? I like to think it comes with openness. Being open to opportunity means that you have more chance of recognizing a life changing moment.

Big events create big memories that you are able to remember and whether they are good or bad, you can deal with them.

It is the small stuff that creeps up on you.

Just like sneaking in too much chocolate. It may take a few months or years but eventually your pants won’t fit.

Sometimes we wonder how we end up in a bad relationship. Hopefully it was a slow progression from good to bad ad not a blind infatuation that was completely inappropriate. Though that might be what gave the relationship it’s sizzle.

Just be aware of the little comments that are a bit mean, whether you made them or the wanker did. At some point you are both to blame.

Can we be with ourselves and our Wanker about how we feel. If we can be honest, are they listening or even really hearing what we are saying. We all come from a different perspective so things get lost in translation.

At the end of the day, if you do not know what you want, you will not get anything you want. You will jump on someone else’s bandwagon.

Don’t live in a shadow. Be your own Sun.

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