Don’t Worry Be Happy

There was once a little song that became so popular.
Why is the easiest advice the hardest to follow?

Today I was at work and I started talking with a prospect about all the photos he has of himself and his wife together. He told me that he married her again every year. His face was flushed and he had a huge grin on his face as he said it.

He said the most important thing in life was to chase happiness and the rest would come. He also said forget about what others think while doing it.

I like his style.

What makes you happy? Do you even know what makes you happy or are you still chasing illusions or someone else’s idea of what happiness is?

I wish I could say it wasn’t true but as I am getting older and time seems to speed up every day, I am only now really taking stock of my life and love. What do I love? Who do I love? How do I love?

Wankers? got to love ’em!
Aging parents? Scary stuff!
Getting hit on by 30 year olds? How awesome is that!
Child hitting puberty? Help me!

And so it goes on.

Silly little questions that seem trivial are where it is at!

So start to consider the menial stuff. How do you feel when you brush your teeth? You need your teeth to last a lifetime but do you treat them with love while you brush them? How is the way you brush your teeth a reflection of who you are and how you think of yourself and others.

I challenge you to observe yourself brushing your teeth tonight. Chances are you won’t remember my challenge until you are already in bed. That speaks volumes.

Think about it.

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