What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Okay. There is a difference between love and desire. Hopefully at some point you will meet someone for who you can feel both.

How do we work out whether or not desire is love? Time.

You need to fight desire and spend time getting got know the wanker in your midst.


If a guy likes you he will wait. But will you?

Do you rush into the great sex part and burn the fuze on the relationship way too quickly? Have you vetted him for wanker habits?

That is what happens. When the first 3 months ( 6 if you are lucky) of new exciting sex are over, do you have a friendship to grow and build desire into each others life?

It really depends what you are looking for. And what the guy is looking for.

Always remember that sex is the easy part.

So before you rip off your panties, take a good hard look at where your interest lies with the wanker in your midst.

Look past the attraction. Can you have a 15 minute conversation that is interesting? Or are you just talking mindless B.S.? Do you care about the conversation? or are you just imagining what he looks like with no shorts on?

My point is that each outcome is determined by you and what you really want, or think you want.

Don’t confuse sex with love and love with sex.

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