Lost in Space

So we all know someone who is out there.

What I have discovered is that these people drain my energy. I try to stop the leak as soon as I recognize it happening otherwise I know I will become confused and frustrated with them.

I don’t want it rubbing off on me. When people are off balance, the switch is on transmit. You know, ‘Ground Control to Major Tom’ a la David Bowie.

They are unable to receive. These people are often damaged and despite our good intentions they are able to receive them. Instead we receive their confusion. It can be frustrating for us and please remember, it is so easy to recognize other people’s problems instead of our own. We can get trapped helping them instead of ourselves.

People are people and we can’t take it personally. If we can’t help them, then we shouldn’t hurt them. But we do have the right to say how we feel if they go too far. I learnt a long time ago that people will play on your belief that they are a “nice person.” Be careful of them and their selfish intentions. They may not be aware of how they are acting and feel justified in taking whatever they want at any cost. This is due to the mental mantra they are playing. It is a trap for them and can be a trap for you.

It is so true that we are what we think. If we think we are a victim, we will attract victims who will justify our self image. If we believe we are gorgeous beautiful women, then we will attract a gorgeous beautiful man, and I am not talking about looks.

Protect your energy and choose your friends wisely.

There are some people you cannot avoid but you have the right to protect your energy.

So be be gorgeous!

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