I Don’t Want To Wait In Vain For You Love

Timing is everything but Bob Marley did hit the nail on the head.

Is there a Wanker that you really like but he doesn’t know it? Or is he letting you down gently and ignoring your puppy dog eyes. Men and women are not that different. As women we are constantly ignoring the signals that men out out, men do the same.

But a man will be relentless if he fancies you. He will not stop or give up if he wants you. He will also wait for you.

You could be admiring him from a distance but focused on other things. He might fancy the pants off you but be working on something else too.

Therefore, if the stars align and the earth moves and you rock your booty in his face at the right time, then just maybe you will find love.

Then you have to take it slowly and enjoy the ride.

This period of the unknown is a time of great anticipation. Unsure, but feeling sexy. You will probably start to attract lots of men. Be open. The Wanker Elimination process is just that. A process. Compare and contrast the Wankers that surround you to the one that you think is “the one.”

And for all of you Wanker’s reading this who are aspiring to get laid. You know the drill.

Now, if you are a Wanker looking to move out of Wankerville and into the suburbs, hold out for what you want. Tease her but don’t leave her feeling rejected.

Two makes a pair.

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