Love and Other Drugs

We are all intoxicated by something in our life. It may be sensual, mental, fantasy. The main thing is that it gets our heart pumping.

What gets the blood flowing through your veins?

Some mornings we feel rather flat and then when we pull out an old CD to play in the car. The effect can be amazing, surprising. Why does music, or anything external for that matter, have a magical effect to lift our moods. It is so strong that afterwards we are motivated and excited to start the day.

Was it a song or the caffeine from a cup of java kicking in?

Does it matter? Not really. The point is that we need to be able to motivate ourselves for ourselves. Once we can do that, we fly, we soar, we take off.

I am searching to find, within me, something that will excite me and give me the motivation to push through. I look at my family and want what is best for them. The trick is that I had to realize that what is best for them is a better me. I am still flying on the words that I heard last week:

“Chase Happiness”

You brain will find ways to be happy if you let it and then the flow starts.
The flow is like a river, an ocean current.

You are the water in the river and your life is flowing. Become the river instead of fighting against it and everything else will come.

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