Purify The Body: Purify The Mind

People talk about disease in our body but disease also affects our minds.
They say thoughts can poison our minds and that in turn makes us sick. Sick enough to kill us.

So how do we purify our minds and our bodies. We often start with our bodies to the point of obsession. We are thin and gorgeous, but miserable. Or we can be fat and miserable.

Both are extremes and if there is one thing I have learnt from studying Buddhism is that we need to find the middle way. This is a theme I try and hold onto throughout my blog posts.


If you are living extremes, and we all do it in some aspect of our lives. This is a great place to start.

Imagine a pendulum swinging back and forth. It will eventually rest somewhere in the middle.

So think of the extremes in your life.

Yes, think them through, admit them to yourself because they make no difference to anyone else. They are your dramas.

Then try and walk the middle line. When your mind starts to take over you are no longer in control. And control is what your mind does best.

Letting go does not mean feeding your face on chocolate or whatever is your poison. It means not indulging your mind in it’s bad habits.

Don’t let poison control your life, especially if it is a Wanker who is tormenting and controlling you.

If you are out of balance you will attract people who are out of balance too, like a Wanker. And they will be hiding in all aspects of your life. You may even be related to them.

You cannot change them, only yourself and work on your reactions to them.

That is the challenge.

That is where you find your strength.

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