Giving As Good As You Get

Love means war! Men are from Mars and all that.

But do you give as good as you get?

When the battle begins, are you passive or passive/ aggressive or are you just plain aggressive?

Do you calmly state your feelings without getting upset or angry? If you can do that then you rock!

That, my friend is the goal. Things can never be completely smooth between two people and they shouldn’t be. Really, we would never learn and it would mean that someone was always giving in to the other person.

Giving in is not doing anyone a favor. Avoiding confrontation for the sake of keeping the peace will separate you from your feelings and emotions. You have to bury them in order to get through it.

Burying leads to a feeling of discontent that will eventually be something you cannot ignore.

It will show itself as unhappiness, dissatisfaction. You won’t know exactly why and it will need some digging to sort through and understand. As you go through this process it is similar to a grieving process, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

The good news is that sometimes the only thing you need to do is admit it and then everything starts to flow. It won’t be easy, probably quite painful too but it is satisfying. Little breakthroughs add up and you will find yourself and your voice.

The hardest thing about giving in to anyone, especially the Wanker in your life, is that you lose touch with who you are and what you want. And normally there is pressure to submit.

And what we want changes as we get older. And so it should.

Some goals are attained and some are left behind.

There is no wrong way to live your life. Everything is a lesson. Lessons need to be learnt or we we keep repeating them and get further and further away from our true selves.

Growth means moving through your grief and finding joy.

Keep chasing happiness.

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