Fight To Win

It doesn’t take much time to read and conceptualize the words on the page but it does take some time to really understand things on an intrinsic level. And of course some practice.

And practice makes perfect right?

Only if you have the will to keep on trying till you get it right.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the will to keep fighting through to win. Of course we must choose our battles but why do we end up with so many uncompleted projects? They sounded like such a great idea at the time.

Often, we jump around from project to project instead of sticking through.

Let’s face it, results take time.

Do we talk results when it comes to relationships? Sometimes, is the short answer.

Some relationships are like seasons that come and go, one or both of you learn your lessons then move on. But that bad relationship that lingers like a smelly fart? Are you fighting through the smelly fog and leaving other areas of your life incomplete?

Are there areas of your life that are suffering because of a wanker? His behavior gets under your skin so you start to leave everything else on the side as less important than the stress you are now feeling? This stress is all pervasive, and is constantly in your head. Something trivial happens and it becomes a major event when it shouldn’t. Not because of you but because of your wanker.

You can’t change the wanker but you can control your reactions, and this takes lots of practice.

Don’t be a slave to the Wanker’s emotions insecurity and immaturity. You are not responsible for him and his bad behavior. He is not more important than you and you need to stay on track. Don’t focus on the injustice that has just occurred. It is only yours if you take possession of it.

Instead you need to keep looking forward and let him keep his drama. Focus on you and what you need. Be solution oriented because the past is just that, the past.

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