Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A room full of Wankers and Swinging Dicks does not constitute fun. Well, sometimes it does but girls LOVE their girlfriends.

A lot of Wankers think that “their” girls hanging out without them is wrong. What do we do? What do we talk about? NOT THEM! That’s for sure.

It is so difficult to get into their thick skulls that they are not interesting enough to spend 2-3 hours talking about. No matter how interesting they think they are.

So what do we talk about? Everything and nothing. That’s the point. Just like when the Wankers meet up for whatever man cave adventure they are into to, the girls like to do the same thing.

This time is not about escape, ( well, maybe a little bit) it is about being individuals again. Working women or stay at home women or kept women or independently wealthy women need to time just to be themselves. No wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces need show up for drinks on Wednesday night at Le Rouge because ” the girls just what to have fun.”

So insecure Wankers head the warning. Don’t mess with the “Wonder Woman” in your life or else Charlie’s Angels will come an kick your arse. And if that happens, your swinging dick will need a sling.

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