What’s That Smell?

So we all make compromises ( a nice way of saying sacrifices) in all our relationships. When it comes to the Wanker in our life, there is a point when enough is enough and we have to purge.

Who would have thought that the wanker you thought was just gum stuck on your shoe, was actually something worse. You hadn’t realized that you actually trod in dog poo and not only is it on the sole of your Christian Louboutin’s but it actually stained the leather.

These poor shoes cost you a lot but you are going to have attachment issues and not want to give them up. But the smell is killing you so open the rubbish bin( Trash Can for all my girlfriends) and put them in.

There is always Manolo.

Just remember that the dog crap you stepped in, is now dog crap.

If the dog was on a gourmet diet, maybe the dog crap was once delicious food but it is no more.

That wanker who may have once been perfect, who has turned you off with his shitty behavior has proved that you were right to dispose of him.

The hardest part is making the decision to leave and often once you ave made that decision the wankers true colors appear and reinforce your decision. It is rare that you find a man, accepting of your decision and who actually does love you enough to let you go. But they do exist. My sister was married to one. And yes ladies he is still single…. but still in love with my sister.

let’s face it, we all know our wankers well enough to anticipate how bad the smell will be when we cut the cord. The worse you think it will smell, the faster you should get moving.


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