Moving On Up

Saying goodbye is never easy. Some relationships are seasons that come and go and we will always feel nostalgic about them. Others, we don’t know how they survive and some just endure.

The hardest thing to do is to feel compassion for the person who has wronged us. They came for a bad place, and whether it was on purpose or not, dragged us in. In truth, we let them. We were slaves to their moods and behaviors.

If we can understand how someone might be feeling, and without feeling responsible, not engage them, we will hold on to our peace.

People can be nasty, it’s true, but like a wounded animal they strike out and sometimes we get in the way. It takes practice to stay calm and let it go. We connect with them because on some level we understand their pain. So we get involved when we shouldn’t.

Compassion is so difficult because sometimes you have to walk away to avoid being hurt. The other person brings up feelings and emotions in you that were already there. They provided a trigger. You can deal with these emotions once they’re their. The gift is that the other person made you aware of these sentiments. Live them, breathe them, embrace them so you can understand them and then let them go. Once you have done that, you will be in a better position to have compassion for the other person.

The people that come into your life, enter because they have something to share with you, some lesson, that neither of you may be aware of.

But if you can have the courage and honesty to open pandoras box and live through every heart beat, you can make your mind a calmer more peaceful place to live.

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