Alls Fair In……

Keep pushing forward because you can’t turn back.
The clock keeps on ticking no matter how hard we try and turn it back or disguise it.
So throw away the syringes full of Botox and get on your bike and run over everyone in your path.
We get trapped by the past. It lives on in our head. We refuse to bury it instead of enjoying right now. Our good health, our lack of wrinkles. Audrey Hepburn was a beautiful and gracious woman who glowed from the inside and wrinkles didn’t slow her down.

Society gives us so many limitations. We think we are free, free to make choices but the choices are dictated to us but the marketing messages around us. Our ego receives what we need and want and off we go. We don’t really need much of anything to be happy. Often the less we have, the happy we are.

Money has its place, it provides us with security and freedom to make our own choices.

But don’t ever be controlled by money or let anyone try and control you with money.

Respect money as you respect yourself.

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