Don’t Give It Away

So you just met a guy who you are attracted to, i.e., he is super hot. But you haven’t yet identified if he is a wanker or not. If you go for the hot sex, you will have hot sex and probably nothing more. If you are lucky, a three to six month sizzle but then the bubble will burst when you both realize you ad nothing in common but great sex and once that burnt out you don’t even like each other.

How many times has that happened?

Slowing down your brain, then you brain slowing down your body is the only way to go.

Take it easy. If you rush you look desperate. And if he rushes, then he is desperate and you are too infatuated to see it.

The truth is, if a guy is serious he will wait for you. Timing is everything. But taking the time means that you will have more than one opportunity to get it right.

But if you just want to get laid, go for it. Don’t forget the rubber.

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