Sex In The City Moments

Rusty, after after a three month trip to Australia, I just sent out my first post in months without proofing it so I apologize to you all and say that I hope that you could understand what the hell I was talking about.

How many of you have three girlfriends that you can trust with you biggest insecurities?
It might be your cheating wanker, sexual orientation, credit card debt. Who cares? Your friends who can come around and drink champagne and listen and not judge, give you great advice and have a good laugh with about your misfortune. Basically together you turn lemons into lemonade. Or should I say, grape juice into Romanee Conti.

I do hope everyone is saying I do, I do, I do!!!!!!

As we age, we take refuge in the little moments. The moments where we feel at one with the universe. Satisfied. We might not have everything we imagined but we have friendship and support to get us through, maybe even guide us.

Too many people are too sarcastic, caustic and although it might sound cool, it is usually hurtful to others. True girlfriends might tell you the truth and the truth hurts, but they say it with love and you accept their opinion. You may or may not follow their advice, but you appreciate the, enough to listen and consider the relevance of what they are saying.

We are often our own worst enemy, letting our egos run our lives, and a good girlfriend is a great alter ego.

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