Crying Like She’s Learning To Breathe Again

What a beautiful way of putting it. I cannot take credit for this description. It actually is song by a little know Australian, THE TOM RICHARDSON PROJECT, you can find him on iTunes.
How did a 20 something guy from Victoria come up with this beautiful song.

Let’s face it, we have all felt that way at some point. The tears seem to consume our body until their is nothing left but an ache.
It is a universal feeling that no one is too young or old to go through. We might see if more often, as I didn’t yesterday buying school supplies. The little kids who have had enough and don’t have the vocabulary to express themselves.
In fact, that is what I am getting at. Sometimes we don’t have the vocab or the actual understanding of how we are feeling to be able to express ourselves. It becomes physical, hence this beautiful song.

It all goes back to feeling all our emotions, the good wi the bad. We must let our emotions come, observe and acknowledge them, then let them go.

I hope this talented young artist makes it big one day.

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