Men Will Be Men

Just as you may be lucky enough to have a good relationship with your mother-in-law, if your relationship heads south, you know that the woman will always side with her son. She may bleed you dry for information and pretend that she likes you, but as a parent, we all know that we will protect our children from everything.

Men will also side with the blokes, heaven forbid that they themselves end up in the same situation.

Or is that really the case? I have found that in this culture, if someone chooses a side, it is because they have something to gain from siding with one person over the other. A parent would never do that, except maybe if children are involved. But friends do.

Politics, as dirty, disgusting and DAMAGING they are when played out by politicians, when it comes to friend and foe, there can be real pain. Strangers don’t hurt your feelings, friends do.

What’s worse is that friends know how to put salt in the wound, whether it is on purpose or through sheer thoughtlessness. There motives are only relevant when you start to let go of the pain. If they can understand how they hurt you and grow from it, then you should love and respect them more.

2 thoughts on “Men Will Be Men

  1. Oh, I hope that’s not true. I have friends and am a friend who can stay impartial when a relationship goes south. If I were friends with both of the people before, I don’t see why that should change once they’re not together. And if one of them has a problem with me being friendlu with the other, obviously my friendship has secondary importance to them.

    • You are obviously a bigger person than most. In today’s culture, most people enter any relationship with a hidden agenda. If that is the case they will “put their money where their mouth is.” if a relationship goes south, one of the partners will reconstruct their life with new people. Very few of the old relationships that were ” friends with both sides” will last, certainly not in it’s old form. Our true friends are the ones that stick by us, and they’re not always fans of the wanker in our life, that we do r do not leave behind.

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