Time Out

Children get sent to sit in corners and think about their behavior. What about an adult version of this? In truth, we try and find five minutes to think and reflect on our day, month, year, basically our lives.

I am sure I have said this before but if when a woman reaches 40ish, she starts to look back on her life and make judgements on what she has achieved in her life and what she wanted to achieve. Are they the same thing, have they changed?

Wankers usually get to this age and just want to make sure it all still works. Can they still get it up like before?

Just stop reading and take 10 slow deep breaths. Count them out.

I bet that your mind did not stop and you started thinking about things you need to do today or things you forgot to do yesterday.

This is because we are so wrapped up in the physical world, we let go of the inner world that is the true human experience. Its the experience that everyone has, no matter who they are, just in different extremes. We have the spectrum of completely neurotic to the zen monk. Most of us fit somewhere in between if we are lucky.

All we need is balance in our daily life. Do you have moments that you just stop and smell the roses? Taking just one minute for yourself to practice being calm, until you start to get the hang of it. Because I tell you. You will be surprised how difficult it is. Some of us don’t sleep well at night, we can’t switch our brains off or if we switch them off, they turn themselves on at 2 am. Practicing breathing deeply can help this. Belly breathe. No rising shoulders, stick your boobies out if you want to.

And it’s free. No cost to try it and no expensive therapist. You can actually become balanced like a solid deep breath and kiss all the self help books goodbye. Self help books if used, should be guides for you, take what works and get rid of what doesn’t. You path is your own so someone else’s self help won’t be relevant for you.

We just need to learn how to feel and live through our emotions. Then we can recognize the same feelings and emotions going on in others and instead of getting caught up in their pain, we can feel compassion for them. The other person is not so different from yourself.

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