The Double Standard

Is it slowly changing that women are no longer being looked down upon for taking on a younger man? Between girl friends it is always a ” you go girl” kind of situation. Why the hell not?

Yet still, men wear younger women as a badge of honor on their arm, maybe even decorating them up like a Christmas tree, diamonds, furs and Prada handbags.

Women in sport generally earn less money because they have a smaller audience. If dating is a blood sport then who is watching. Turkey, we are all watching each other, maybe laughing or making fun of some people, really it’s passing judgement of some kind. But what are you yourself doing that is so different.

How many of us are just putting up with the wanker in our life instead of chasing our dream. How many of us have some how let the wanker stifle our dreams and our joy. Our energy for that matter!

Remove yourself. Start with a mental shift towards freeing your mind. It is a process of letting go. When the wanker starts on his little cycle of mind trash, let him go without taking it personally, don’t take possession of his crap. He can keep it. Ask for a Hermes Kelly bag instead. It is much more chic, practical too.

Removing yourself means to stop listening. You have already heard it all before. It’s called insecurity and it is catching like a cold. If you block out the words and are aware of the energy it is so easy to identify. Don’t own someone else’s crap. Breathe and think of other things. It’s a good time to multitask. You can nod your head, agree or disagree and be free where you are, in your head. No one can get in there without your permission. Meditate on the story of the three little pigs. Imagine their homes as parts of your psyche. The wolf is your ego. Or the wolf can be your wanker.

Think about the wanker. Did you really open your legs for him that first time. He is now a river that has burst its banks and even the army corps of engineers cannot stop. Find your own sandbag and stem the flow until you can control it and let it go again.

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