What You See Is What You Get

So the Wanker exceeds all your expectations. Fantastic, or is it?

Relationships often start with hope and joy. You come to the t,able with all the preconceived notions of Disney and all the fairy tales we grew up on then it turns into Brothers Grimm!


We expect retain things from the other person. They are required to fulfill a role that we have created from every stereotype we ever saw, heard or read about. And vice versa.

How can we enter a relationship with no expectations? I wish I knew.
All I can say is that if you take each moment as it presents itself and be open to the other person.

Listen and hear.

Look and see.

Touch and feel. ( that’s the really fun bit!)

Learn how to be yourself and live your life according to what you need. We always think our needs and wants are the same thing but they are not really. We drink the koolade thinking that we will be satisfied yet be are left thirsty and unsatisfied. So is our Wanker.

Our dissatisfaction coupled with our wankers dissatisfaction equals a lot of bitching on both sides.

“I can’t live with or without you!’ ( U2)

The fact is that no one is perfect and if you can throw expectations out the window you have a chance. If you both have similar ideas on how life should be lived, some flexibility in living it and the wanker does too, then things should be okay.

Life is so difficult when you go out into the world, you want your home to be a haven. If you a sleeping with the enemy then life is stressful and will get worse. If you are sleeping alone then just be happy to meet people, listen to them and talk to them.

No expectations means no disappointments. Love does not have to equal war.

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