Get Your Head In The Game

My worst advice ever or not? Play to win? It all involves ego.
We need to look out for ourselves, especially if we have responsibilities, mortgages, children, car payments.
But we also need to be aware that time does not stop for anyone or anything and while planning is important to play the game, we need to live in the moment so that each decision is relevant to where we are right now.

I have always felt unprepared for life. That there was something I didn’t get or was missing. The one liners I think of the next day, instead of spitting them out and lowering myself to pure ego driven nonsense.

So often we let out mouths open and close without thinking. Food, words, frowns….

Instead of suffering from wrong perception because of making judgements at every moment, be respectful of yourself and the rest will come. The problems often come when we try and be good, compassionate or not get angry with others when we can’t behave that way towards ourselves. We might buy ourselves gifts, eat when we need to cheer ourselves us. We all have a vice.
But we need to be good to ourselves first, otherwise we don’t really know what it means to be good, compassionate etc towards ourselves.

We need to understand experiences for ourselves, then we will understand how others feel in similar situation.

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