Slaves to who?

We often worry about so many things that we cannot control. Myself, I have said that I am a slave to my emotions.
As I listen to the radio (NPR) they are talking about actual modern day slavery. Yes, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo brought to our attention human trafficking, a form of modern day slavery. But this article is talking about children working without being paid.

We stop buying certain brands of shoes because of slave labor in Asia. But does slavery start within us? We are slaves to our emotions and the emotions of others. Does this manifest itself in our society?
Without any talk of politics, if we work on the emotions that enslave us, we can be free. If we acknowledge and understand that our emotions are just like the tides of the ocean and float with them instead of trying to unsuccessfully swim against a rip current.

It is a rare human being who can let go of the anger when the wanker hurts her feelings. To see their outburst as a manifestation of their pain and suffering. Most wankers suffer from insecurity. Most of us suffer from some form of insecurity. Analyze what triggers your pain and you will have a clue as to why your wanker is in your life and what you need to learn from him.

When you understand how hard they are on you is a reflection of how hard they are on themselves, you can begin to understand how hard you are on yourself. Then you start to understand what compassion really means.

The people in our lives are often mirrors of how we treat ourselves. It is never an obvious connection and if you look too closely you will misunderstand it.

Start with your closest relationships. When you really and honestly look at the people close to you, and understand how beautifully flawed they are, you learn a whole new level of appreciation for life.

Recently my father passed away. (Hence the the lack of blog posts)
He was a flawed man and we new it and loved him for who he was. He had a wonderful sense of humor, kind of mean and cruel, yet still lighthearted. He gave that to my sisters and I. It means every time we talk, we laugh.

We should never talk ill of the dead but we should also accept them for who they were and love them quand meme. Be honest with yourself. Accept yourself then accept them. If you deny a part of what made them who they were, then you are denying a part of yourself.

So if you said goodbye to someone you loved recently, remember that love is truth and love is acceptance. I won’t go into the man my father was, except to say I loved him for who he was, even if it hurts.

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