Ghost Protocol

Does your wanker ever cut you off as you are speaking? Perhaps you are telling a story and he may even tell you that you are boring. Worst thing was, even if you didn’t believe him, you listened to him and stopped talking.

Have you felt rude, as if you were interrupting a conversation with friends but in actual fact he just started talking over you in a louder voice until he monopolized the conversation and everyone in it. So you submitted to. The problem was that even if you shut up, he still managed to draw in the crowd and freeze you out. Making everyone but you feel that they were sharing a secret and that you, by his grace, we’re not worthy?

Leave it to adults right? You can grow a child in your womb yet you cannot apparently understand a boring story about himself.

Some wankers are able to pray on our insecurities. It’s as if they see into our souls. Really, they are in our life as a reflection of the hole in their soul. They can teach us what we ate hiding from inside ourselves. Wankers bring it to the surface so we can acknowledge it and let it go.

So, next time you are feeling left out, gently remind yourself that you are an amazing interesting person with a point of view that you have the right up share and speak up. People may have a surprised look on their face but that is not because you said something stupid but because you said something profound.

Enjoy being you and don’t let the wanker rob you of your joy.

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