The Omen

What do you do when a wanker talks about his ex girlfriends then makes comparisons?

Run! That’s what they did, no matter what he says, and if they didn’t then they are more messed up than him.

Why does a wanker do that? It’s not the ex’s but the fact that he is hiding his own inadequacies by fabricating them in you.

Do not listen and do not accept them. More than likely you are finding holes in your relationship and he doesn’t like it do he has to go into attack mode.

Because it really is an attack. An attack on your spirit and on your person. You have a day in the relationship is your right. A wanker cannot hide behind what his ex girlfriends accepted (and expected) from him and what he accepted and expected from them.

So take no prisoners and run when the wanker is on fine wanker form.

LIFE’S bigger than your relationship with him. Your life is abundant with or without him. He probably can’t say the same thing about his life.

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