The Possesion

How many ways can we look at this? Ever been with a wanker who treated you like he owned you? Is he doing it now? Or have you ever felt like someone else when you were with the wanker, someone unrecognizable to yourself, as of you were playing a character?

Pretty gal or not, some wankers like to treat us as if we were baubles on a Christmas tree, bring them out for special occasion then pack them away till the time is right. No thank you by much!

The other type of passion is much more insidious because you can become lost in the character you are playing and it can remove you from yourself and trap you in a situation that you do not want to be in. If you’re not being true to yourself because the wanker critics you and you are trying to please him, you have a big problem. No man, wanker or not, is worth it. Losing your identity is grave.

But it happens. Maybe the man has money, a hot body or a great face. Too bad. You are a complete package and growth is always good but it is not growth if you are adapting yourself to fit someone else.

Make sure that if you are different when you are around him then it is an extension of yourself, not a contraction. You always need to try and be bigger and bolder, but within who you are. Sure you can fake it till you make it, but faking believing in yourself and being yourself are the same thing. It’s good. But faking being someone who you are fundamentally not will make you feel dissatisfied with yourself. Goals are good but they have to be your goals, faking someone else’s goals will get you no where.

I guess the message is to be authentic. You are perfect just the way you are but you can always know yourself better and that is what we should spend our lives doing, developing our sense of self.
Easier said than done.

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