Money Bags

So you’re dating and the wanker is cagey about money. Not a red flag. Just make sure that you let him know you make enough to cover all your expenses but if he wants to do something special, it’s on him. You are an independent woman!

But if you are married to the guy and he gets angry about the subject every time you bring it up then what e hell are you sticking around for. Marriage is the ultimate partnership. Money is the number one thing couples fight about.

Every marriage or domestic partnership has its “places of compromise.” but in the spirit of compromise don’t get screwed. You both have the right to make decisions about where you live, vacation and what you want to do with savings. Sure, there is personal money that you both have, privacy and trust go hand in hand, and trustworthy secrets are good. Mystery, and he doesn’t really want to know what you spent on his birthday gift does he?

But if you get your head bitten off every time you bring up the money subject then what are you doing in this relationship? Are their other warning signs? Is the electricity paid on time? Are the creditors on his back all the time? Is he cheating on you, oops no,it is a credit card he didn’t pay this month or last?

I have heard cases of women running credit checks on blokes they are interested in? Really? No love there? Actually, if they are more perceptive and look for the warning signs they wouldn’t have to.

Relationships take time and if we jump in cause the bodies are hot and sweaty, then we can have a tough time ready the sign because we are too busy getting dirty. Then money becomes the dirty talk.

If you have a wanker who is not upfront about money, and girls it is common, next time he asks you to talk dirty in bed, bring up money. You need answers and results and nothing will get his attention faster.

Drop the excuses for letting it fly and confront the demonic wanker. Money is about security and if you want kids, who is going to pay the bills when you can’t work because you are raising his brats? You could be doing without getting your hair and nails done every week while he is out eating filet mignon for lunch three days a week wearing Louis Vuitton.

No thank you very much!

Money is something that comes with preconceived notions. Many of which are subconscious and come from our childhood, basically the messages our parents gave us about money, good or bad.

You may not always agree about how to spend the money but you ave to be on the same page about where you live, what you drive, how you budget and save for the things that enhance the family lifestyle. You need to have you house paid off as quickly as possible. Then you have so much more freedom. Who wants to be retired and paying rent? You want to put smart money to work for you, a little investment here or there will go a long way between now and retirement, or now and child raising.

But don’t waste time on the wanker who loves his money and puts it first. First for his far, his watches, his clothes, his face creams, his hair enhancing and hair removing products. You should ave more creams and perfumes than him. End of story.

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