Let’s Hit The Frog And Toad

Originally a cockney phrase but rather appropriate for our relaunch of the Wanker Diaries.

To ” hit the frog and toad” means to get on the road, moving, preferably forward.

Instead of looking around at the relationships you have and what is wrong with them start by hitting the road, just like Jack Kerouac and beginning a road of self discovery. What you want, what you believe, what you like and don’t like? It is too easy to focus on someone else and criticize them instead of looking in the mirror. Chances are that everything you dislike about that other person is a trait you don’t like in yourself.

I keep thinking about a buddhist story about the Frog A who lives in a well. To him the well is massive and impressive and nothing could be bigger or grander than this magnificent well in which he dwells. One day Frog B comes to visit him and tells him of his home, the great ocean. Every comparison Frog A makes apparently cannot compare to the ocean and eventually Frog A leaves his beloved well to see this ocean. When he gets there and sees it with his own eyes he head explodes.

What is that famous line: ” YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

Most of us can’t really handle it so we create realities based on our fears. Realities that distort our view on life and we live a dismissed existence. Perhaps we will comfort ourselves with material things and pretend that we are satisfied. When somewhere, somehow, we are disenchanted, disenfranchised from our truth.

My message is that we can handle the truth, as overwhelming as it seems, our truth will bring comfort and joy. If our head explodes then we just grow a new head that is more evolved and ready for the next step.

So get on your bike. We are about to ride into a new year, a new headspace that we own. Focus on YOU and you will no longer be a slave to anywhere else’s fears and emotions. You will be responsible for yourself.

Your journey, your path, I’ll give pointers when I can based on my own experiences. I hope to return to this story about the frog in one year and have a few, more enlightened perspective on our poor Frog A, and Frog B for that matter.

Happy New Year!

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