How to Start your New Year Weight Loss Plan

This morning I was in the elevator with two men. We all had our lunch bags with us. Was it because we are working through lunch? Perhaps or was it because we didn’t want to go out and eat whatever we could grab that day. I don’t know about the others but I am trying to be conscious of everything I put in my mouth, especially food (LOL).

If you are having problems with relationships and don’t know where to start. You know you need to work on yourself, set goals, make plans but are coming up short then meal planning is a great way to start.

Let’s break it down even more. Tonight, decide what you will have for lunch tomorrow.

Lunch comes and you have set a goal and hopefully stuck to it. If that is to hard, decide to have lunch tomorrow, no skipping meals.

Once you start to consider what you are putting in your mouth, start to feel how your body absorbs it. Too much coffee might give you palpitations but you think you need the coffee for energy? The coffee is just a crutch.

Drinking more water makes you have to run to the bathroom every hour? You know that trip to the bathroom gives you a five minute break that will refresh you and make you more productive.

Start to look for small things that make such a difference. The big things that you desire come from very small shifts in your attitude and mentality, whatever it needs to be.

You will be surprised what gives you joy and what makes you miserable. That Big Mac you ate yesterday is still bothering you. How can you ever eat another one, knowing that it will make you uncomfortable for a few days.

What else is making you uncomfortable after you eat it, or spend time with it? Just like we can’t stop eating crap, we listen to crap on tv, we hear it at work, from our friends and family.

What do we do? We eat it up. We eat crap!

Then we don’t feel well and wonder why happiness eludes us.

So, the cure is simple, make a decision to plan one meal.

Disclaimer: this post is for everyone but if you are a food obsessed and plan every meal then this post will not help you. But there are plenty of posts that will give you direction on how to let go, be flexible, live in the moment.

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4 thoughts on “How to Start your New Year Weight Loss Plan

  1. Hey I know where your coming from. Get your head in the right space and It will all fall into place. I have lost 8.5 kgs and would like to share my insights it to how its worked this time and never previously.
    Firstly you have to educate yourself an understand that all those cognitive habits we have entrenched in our brains do not disappear overnight or within two weeks. It takes about 9 weeks to change a cognitive behaviour. Over eating – unconcious eating – emotional eating are all cognitive behaviours. Just the same as all the self help books that we read it takes lots of time and focus to make the change.

    So as Dr Phil says whats the “pay off” write down the reasons why you want to make a healthier change and consider if you think its worth it and if your worth the effort yet?.

    Mine reasons were – clothing choice broader- health improvements- energy levels improve- feel more confident – be noticed – feel sexy etc etc

    Write these reasons down evey day in a note book by your bed add to them daily ! Keep writing it over again daily (and any other changes you want to make to be a better person). Now start writing daily small things you think you can do to guide you you in this direction. EG. Eat no chocolate today.Reduce coffee – drink herb tea. Make it small to start and re write it daily – dont be hard on yourself if ya dont do it write it again and again. If its unreachable within a week write something else that is reachable . Give yourself a tick for your success daily and aim for more ticks next week. Be creative. Your making pathways in your brain.

    My biggest thing to get me moving was to educate myself to count cals in a fun way (believe me you can try every frigging diet or exercise progam in the world but unless you intend to ridgidly spend the rest of your life doing it – your wasting your time and the lesson of weight loss will come visit again) . By educating yourself its with your wherever you go its cognitively embeded into your brain after 90 days. A behaviour you dont lose or need a gym to perform it . In my opinion you need to know exactly what your putting in your mouth every second of the day by educating yourself. You cant rely on some company to deliver your calorie contolled meals to your door. I soon realised its in their best interest to keep you on the books for a long time and keep you dumb so you return as son as the weight does . Recognising Points for food is like getting someone else to cut up your meat as the big knife is too dangerous. This Its so simple Im ashamed it took me so long to get it!!

    The spin off of loosing weight is such increased energy levels that you just want to walk further – park further away from the shops- use public transport and generally exercise more. Guess what happens then – you get real healthy real fast!!

    I used a app to start me off counting cals – its the best thing since sliced bread- I wish Id created it.

    Did it cost me money no.
    Do I save money weekly being lighter – yes.
    Do I feel better in my mind and body -yes
    Do I have more wardrobe choice – yes
    Do I get noticed – yes
    Do I feel confident -yes
    Do I have bad days – no

    Im raving but I will post more soon for those in cyber as I want to elaborate – encourage and celebrate with others!

    Now start wiri

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