Passing Away

Killing me softly.

Coping with death seems to be the thing we fear the most. In fact a gallop poll discovered that American’s fear death more than anything else.

Death is happening around us all the time. We pay little attention to it until something we consider significant happens.

If you eat meat, then a living thing that once had eyelashes is on your plate. Dead meat, and often killed in the most gruesome way. Then we throw away (waste) so much food, dead again.

Our pet dies, we grieve.

Our parent, we suffer.

Our child, part of us dies too.

Thank goodness I have no experience of the death of a child. The worst thing that could happen would be to outlive my child.

But it happens. I have more than one friend who has lost a child, a young child. I must say I fear to even imagine the place they go. And the range of emotions that they must feel.

For the rest of us, it puts our life into a better perspective. The bitching we do about such insignificant things that really mean nothing. The worries about providing material objects and structured play times often overtakes the joy of just being with our children, our family, our friends.

As an owner of two cats, I can tell you that they get it. As I sit here writing, Moe the cat is just happy being beside me having a nap, even though the bed is much more comfortable.

Think of the people and pets you love. Question whether you are truly “being” when you are with them. Or are you just physically present? Because if and when the dreaded day comes and you don’t have another opportunity to spend time with the one you love, you will understand what time together really means. And you hope that the other person was available and understood where you were at.

But you can’t change the past, only the present. Be present, feel, live, through everything that is around you now. Because it won’t always be.

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