What Are You Muttering About

When you drive do you talk to the others drivers as if they could hear you?
I wouldn’t quite call it road rage, but it can be a positive or negative experience depending on where I am at in my day.

Am I the only one? (Besides my 2 sisters and my niece)

Today I realized that when I turn at a particular traffic light we have two lanes with one of these lanes ending. People don’t indicate to move over when the other lane ends and is pisses me off, most of the time.

Most of the time. I started to realize today that it all depends on my self talk. Lets face it, most of us are unaware of our own self talk, we just listen to it and follow its direction. Never questioning it, just taking it for granted.

Too bad for us when we have negative self talk. We are damaging ourselves without realizing it.

Start to listen to your self talk when you are driving. Driving is such a great opportunity because you have your life in your hands, literally and are usually very aware of your surroundings. Use this awareness to pat attention to what your ego is feeding you and what you are eating. Are you eating crap? Or are you eating fruit and vegetables?

Today I decided to tell a driver ( in my head, not to his face) that even though he/ she cut me off, we are even. We must have had some karma between us and they got me back so we are even and can move on. No hard feelings. Just remember that it is never really personal and let it go. Breathe.

Short and sweet today. Listen to what you are telling yourself on little things and you will be shocked or perhaps pleasantly surprised. The key is to listen.

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