Lack of Trust

When someone breaks your trust, almost always it is automatically you who feels betrayed and vulnerable.

Think about how the other person must have felt in order to break your trust. Obviously they didn’t like or couldn’t handle being vulnerable so instead of rising to the occasion, that person gave in and betrayed you because they wanted to jump the gun and not be hurt.

It’s a control mechanism. Hurt before you get hurt. Although we might regard this as being immature childish behavior, people who live this way truly feel that they have the right to feel and act in this inappropriate way.

It makes for a very unsatisfying relationship if you have a partner that behaves this way.

It is a sinking ship.

Unless you can accept to live with your partner undermining you by betraying you. And what often makes it worse is that he will betray you over something so insignificant you dismiss it. This is bad stuff. If the wanker can’t be honest about the little stuff, then what will he be telling you about the important stuff. without realizing it you will be on rocky ground. This is no way to live.

The behavior will destabilize you and affect other aspects of your life.
Think back to the last time someone betrayed your trust, maybe repeatedly. Did you blow it off or did you start questioning other people’s motives too.
Most people’s egos start filling the mind with thoughts such as ” if you can’t trust him, who can you trust?” And believe me if this keeps on happening you will have trouble trusting yourself.
In reality, the only person you can trust is yourself and to do that you need to believe in yourself, which is easier said then done, especially if you have been through the ringer a few times.

The key to self trust is allowing yourself some down time to quiet the mind so you can hear the voice inside your head. That voice is the true you, the holy you that can guide you to strength and peace and happiness.

Just learn to listen, then follow it.

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