Peace Man! Tolerance: What is it?

Sometimes I can’t help myself. I have to stand up and say something when people say stupid rubbish that has no basis in fact or even in reality. The difficulty is to come at them with out entering into their rage and contempt. Some people believe it is better to let these ignorant people hang themselves with their own words but we must speak up against their ignorance.

I must say some of the crap on Facebook, religious zealots especially piss me off. And I won’t even mention politics. But I have been strong and didn’t tackle hate with hate. I said my peace and sis not respond to the nasty feedback.

Sometimes we have to do what is right because it is the right thing to do. Sometimes we have to state our opinions even if they will cause controversy. You have to put your energy into setting the right example. If enough of us do it then we can change the choices around us.

And I am not trying to go backwards to a past that is over but to move into a new future, one moment at a time. That doesn’t mean planning and micromanaging yourself and everyone around you. It means treating yourself with respect and love then treating everyone around you in the same way.

I have heard too many complaints about everything from the system to society, with people not taking responsibility for themselves but blaming others.

So many people talk about gratitude out of one side of their mouth then out of the other spit out the nasty shit. Just because you turn up to church or temple or synagogue and donate a percentage of your paycheck does not make you a good person. And just because a group of these people congregate and talk about how much they love God does not make them holy or righteous.

Make sure you look in the mirror and ask yourself what are your motivations. What is driving you?
Is it just talk or do you have a backbone, morals or a sense of being part of something larger than yourself and your desires. Greed is not good, Gordon Gecko was not correct.

Greed brings misery. The more you have, the more you want. The more you want, the more you look at what others have and you get jealous and want to take more and more and give less and less. You give to charity so you can say you give to charity, not because you believe.

Some of you will be disgusted by what I am saying, believing it to not be true for yourself. That usually means you are the worst offender.

Recently I was reading about chakras and the emotions connected. The one chakra I thought I did not have a problem with turned out to be my biggest problem. I was reading about it without looking at where it was located, saying I don’t have a problem with that. The pain in my chest told me otherwise. My body was telling me something that my ego was hiding from me.

But that’s another story. There is a moral to today’s post. Be fair, be polite but stand up for injustice. Perhaps the other person will be unresponsive or aggressive but you have as a much of a right to say what you feel as they do. The difference is that you are capable of doing it without attacking someone else.

Just state your case and move on. Those hateful negative people will slowly disappear from your life.

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