How to Start Dating After a Long Term Relationship Ends

Forest Gump was right. Life is like a box of chocolates, especially if you are a single girl. So go ahead and buy yourself a big box of chocolates and take a bite out of each one. Do not finish one whole chocolate until you have tried the whole box.

This my friends, is the best dating advice I can give. Do not fall for the first lay you have had in a year, or ten. When that happens, it us you feeling grateful because someone besides yourself has given you an orgasm.

It is not love, I repeat it is not love.

Not yet anyway. You have to test it’s strength. The key is to find out by walking away. Then try another chocolate. That half eaten bit of deliciousness will still be waiting in the box for your return.

Not a long post but quite straight to the point. Off you go now, go shop for chocolates and start practicing.

2 thoughts on “How to Start Dating After a Long Term Relationship Ends

  1. Why does starting a new relationship have to start with sex? Why not a conversation of getting to know the other person, first! Like take a year off & really get to know yourself first……why tangle your heart before you are emotionally ready. You are your own best friend! Love, Jane

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