Bouncing Back

My grandmother used to say that there is nothing a cup of tea cannot cure. It can certainly be comforting but…

From experience, if you are having any problems or issues a good nights sleep really makes all the difference.

This is something I have never understood. People who are selfish and do despicable things sleep well at night. Of course I am generalizing but you know what I mean. I once read that if you are not a good person during the day you sleep well because in your dreams you are a good person. The flip side is if you are good during the day, your alto ego comes up at night and disturbs your sleep.

Who knows, but if you don’t sleep well there are a few things you can do that do not involve medication.

Firstly, when you wake up in the middle of the night, check your breathing. I found that when I woke up at 2am my breathing was fast and shallow. Who knows what I had dreamed about. But, once I recognized that my breathing was changing  during the night and waking me up I now had something to work with. I started to count deep breaths in from 1 through 10 and it would get me back to sleep very quickly, to the point where I barely woke up at all.

I am certainly no doctor but this technique works for me most of the time and might just help.

Best of luck.


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